"Scaling up to our 6,000 sq ft facility and now building an even bigger one, PLUS having grown to a team of more than 15 with coaches in different countries has been a journey that I don't want anyone else to have to do alone!"

- Chris Finn, Founder of Par4Success & The PT Code


The Accelerator Program Is the Fastest Way to Your Success and Has 5 Critical Areas of Focus...


Identifying your avatar, power propositions, lead magnets, email automations, digital and more!  

You are going to need it all to grow your business into a sustainable and successful cash machine that helps the people who you love to work with.

We have it ALL here for you!


Getting leads is one thing, knowing how to convert them into actual paying customers is another!  

We teach you how to run sales calls, execute the sales process in person and at pop ups as well as train your staff to close at incredible rates!  

We have it ALL here for you!


Systems run businesses, your people execute the systems.  This is what all great businesses live and die by.  We make sure that you have all the resources and templates to set up the exact systems you are going to need from sales to financials, hiring to marketing and everything in between!


Cash flow is the life line of all businesses, and without it, your chances of survival and growing to what you can be will be stifled!

We give you all the tools, education and understanding of not only the financial statements, but also how to make sound business financial decisions!


Personal net worth, leadership, paying yourself bonuses, etc...no one teaches you this stuff!

That is why this is a core tenant of The PT Code.  In order to be the leader you need to be, we help you develop and transform through all the stuff no other business courses will support you through as you grow.

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How The Accelerator Program Works...

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