"The Key to Success In This Business is Knowing EXACTLY Where to Start"

- Chris Finn, Founder of Par4Success & The PT Code



Your Business Is In One of Three Categories

Starting Out

Starting Out

My business is making less than $1,000/mo

I want to make golf a focus of my business but I don't really know where to start, how to make the right connections and I want help getting this off the ground.


My business making $1,000- $5,000/mo 

My business might be my full time focus (it's tight if it is), but I also might have a side hustle still. 

I am getting some golfers to work with me but still am not making enough to fully support myself and my family the way I want.


My business is making over $5,000/mo & want more!

My business is my full time focus and golf may or may not be my current revenue stream, but I know I want it to be and I want help accelerating the process.

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