"The SHED, as we called it, was where I first started making over $5K/month and it changed my life, but I wished I had someone to help make it easier than the brutal grind it was."

- Chris Finn, Founder of Par4Success & The PT Code


The Bridge Program Helps You Take the Next Steps in Growth

Monetize Your Referral Sources Consistently

You will learn the strategies and tactics Chris took when he was getting started and still uses today. 

Establishing a referral source is hard and you've done it at this point.  Now the real work starts in making that relationship a consistent stream of new leads, and we teach you how to do that!

Run Successful Events & Create Useful Marketing 

One of the stumbling blocks for many early entrepreneurs is not having any idea how to sell and earn the opportunity to help people.

As professionals, we feel a need to give everyone the answers immediately to show our worth.

We teach you how to do sales and actually turn leads into paying clients!

Grow Your Business ASAP

Making your first $1,000 in a month is a great accomplishment.  Now it's time to grow it into a sustainable income stream month over month which takes another level of skill and dedication. 

Chris will teach you exactly what you need to know and give you the tools to be successful at this stage in your business.

Set You Up For Growth

Making over $1K/mo out of thin air was an amazing accomplishment, but it by no means is the end goal!

In addition to growing your revenue flow, you learn about how to start setting your business up to scale and continue working towards that 7 figure business that is possible!

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